Where it all began

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread – we came down to the Cape from Johannesburg in August 1943 after my husband Bernard had been boarded out of the Air Force, and that as far as I am concerned, was the beginning of a meaningful life.”

Excerpt from ‘Our Lives at Bellingham’ by Fredagh Podlashuk (1983)

Our Story

The Bellingham Wine  Philosophy


A firm hand & minimal intervention

At Bellingham we believe that grapes should be allowed to speak for themselves, which is why we follow a minimal intervention approach, respecting the fruit all the way through wine preparation. To this end we combine time-honoured methods with calculated technological expertise to arrive at premium wines that serve as a showcase for our vibrant terroir.

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Meet the Wine Maker



Bellingham Wines takes Gold

Bellingham Wines takes Gold at Mundus Vini for Shiraz Bellingham Wines, pioneers of the first single-varietal Shiraz in South Africa in the late 1950’s and one of the country’s most established wine brands, has received two Gold Medals in the annual MUNDUS VINI...
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#AskRichard #1

We asked Richard how does one make rosé wine? We asked Richard how does one make rosé wine? Did you know that there are 3 primary ways to make rosé wine? The maceration method is when red wine grapes are let to rest, or macerate, in the juice for a period, and...
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Shiraz steals the spotlight

Shiraz steals the spotlight at Bellingham on International Shiraz Day On Friday, 16 February, wine lovers around the world celebrate International Shiraz Day. Did you know Bellingham was the first South African wine producer to bottle a single-varietal Shiraz in 1951?...
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Bellingham wines to fall in love with this season

Bellingham wines to fall in love with this season Summer is really making its presence felt – it’s hot and dry in overdrive – especially if you find yourself in the Cape. All the more reason to stock up on wines that offer superlative refreshment and will chill...
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Head Winemaker

Meet Richard Duckitt, head winemaker at Bellingham “One has to respect and appreciate wine to really understand it. You can possibly make good wine, but not great wine if you don’t understand and appreciate its finer intricacies,” -Richard Duckitt Richard Duckitt...
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Bellingham Small Barrel SMV 2014 awarded 5 Stars

“Seamless and Sophisticated” Bellingham Wines showcases its dedication to quality with top ratings in annual Platter’s Wine Guide. Cape Town – The annual wait is over. The much-anticipated results in the 38th installment of the Platter’s Wine Guide have been...
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