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We are proud to introduce the brains behind the bottle

Gentle giant Niël Groenewald makes a big impression all over the world with his engaging warmth, obvious passion and natural ability to educate and excite customers and consumers not only about Bellingham, but South African wine in general.

“We are passionate about our customers and we want to meet them. We therefore schedule visits to key markets in order to interact with the consumers there and make sure that our wines are well received and enjoyed in different parts of the world,” says Niël.

Not just a pretty face by a long shot, this dynamic winemaker completed his Executive MBA from UCT Graduate school of Business in 2011. But that doesn’t mean he lacks in imagination – his calculated, tactical approach to traditional practices belies an awesome vision that is tangible in his wines and underpinned by measured modern methodology and a fearless entrepreneurial approach.

In the Wine Store

Have you ever stared helplessly at row upon row of bottles of wine wondering where to start? Most supermarkets and wine stores organise their wines into red and white first and then into the different varietals like chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon and styles, like...

The story of how Bellingham came to be (Part II)

In The story of how Bellingham came to be (Part 1), we left off in the wake of extensive renovations and overseas forays on the part of Bernard and Fredagh Podlashuk to learn more about the art of viticulture and winemaking from some of Europe’s foremost experts in...

At the table

Around the braaiThis is strictly easy drinking territory. No one wants to ponder too long or hard over what goes best with sticky ribs and burgers. Opt for the safest options that will be kind to both chicken and red meat. We recommend our Pear Tree White or Big Oak...

At home in your own Cellar

Navigating the wine sectionBellingham’s Top Tips for stocking your Cellar at Home Be true to yourself. Trust your instincts and follow your palate. Your favourites will never fail to reward ensuring your sensory involvement so your cellar never stagnates. Be...

Niel’s recommended pairing for his Bernard Series Small Barrell SMV

Slow roasted lamb with garlic and rosemary served with chocolate sand



Niel’s recommended pairing for his Bernard Series Handpicked Viognier

Macadamia nut butter with seared tuna and micro herbs.



Niel’s recommended pairing for hisBernard Series Old Vines Chenin Blanc

Seared Prawns with Ponzu Dressing



Niel’s recommended pairing for his Bernard Series Whole Bunch Roussanne

Rooibos infused panna cotta with fig and rosemary syrup

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