21 June 2017

At the table

Around the braai
This is strictly easy drinking territory. No one wants to ponder too long or hard over what goes best with sticky ribs and burgers. Opt for the safest options that will be kind to both chicken and red meat. We recommend our Pear Tree White or Big Oak Red – both blends that offer broad appeal and are great social sippers.

Social snacks
Canapés and Cocktail snacks lend themselves to well matched single varietal wines. Go for a good selection of fishy, chicken and meaty snacks then make your choices of varieties around the food. There should be nothing too heavy or hard to swallow. Keep the wine graceful, elegant and glamorous. Well chilled Ancient Earth Sauvignon Blanc and sleek and silky Mocha Java Merlot or Ancient Earth Merlot are great sociable wines that will please most people.

The perfect picnic
Picnics beg for pink wine. Our Berry Bush Rosé will complete your picnic basket perfectly. Make sure the wine is well chilled and pair it with a feast of fresh strawberries, smoked salmon quiche, chicken liver paté, mini pork pies, creamy white cheeses and Turkish delight.

The dinner party
This is your chance to splash out. Begin by considering your drink on arrival. Serve our Citrus Grove Chenin Blanc served in a flute with a twist of lemon, lime or orange as a great aperitif to kick start conversation. Stick to seafood or fish for starters and match it with our Ancient Earth Chardonnay or the more opulent The Bernard Series Old Vines Chenin Blanc for meatier fish, creamy dishes or chicken. A hearty meat based main course calls for a good red wine. This could be a full bodied serious red like The Bernard Series small barrel SMV or Bush Vine Pinotage or a gentler structured Ancient Earth Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. This is where you should make the most extravagant selection, and make sure you cater enough wine for your guests to linger over. A wine with a great story like The Bernard Series or particular point of intrigue like Ancient Earth will give you fodder for banter

Cheese and wine
There is much debate by the purists as to whether cheese serves to enhance or mask the flavour of a wine. Despite the controversy, cheese and wine make traditional companions that provide much sensory reward. Dry white wines like The Bernard Series Viognier or Roussanne are a contrast to creamy white cheese, Ancient Earth Pinotage is great with blue veined cheese and red wines like The Bernard Series Basket Press Syrah or Ancient Earth Cabernet Sauvignon go best with mature hard cheeses.


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