25 November 2020

Feel At Home With Bellingham Wines

This year has been full of unexpected challenges. Behaviour has changed on a global scale as individuals, families and communities have grappled with various disruptions. Now, more than ever, there is value in maintaining the traditions that bring us joy and connect us back to what matters most. In fact, after spending the majority of the year in the safety of our houses, one thing has been made resoundingly clear to so many of us: home is where the heart is – or in our case, where the Homestead is.


The Bellingham Homestead Series range takes its name from the historical Cape Dutch-style homestead located on the original Bellingham farm in the Franschhoek Valley. To this day, the beautiful home is depicted in an illustration on the Homestead Series labels. At the very heart of this special portfolio is the message of wholesome generosity – that wine is meant to be shared and enjoyed not only on special occasions but for the everyday. As Bellingham launches the latest addition to our site-specific, high quality and expressive Homestead Series, we thought we’d take a moment to answer the question: what makes a wine suitable for everyday drinking?

What Makes A Wine Suitable For Everyday Drinking?

Firstly, for a wine to be suitable to enjoy regularly, it needs to be easy drinking. If it’s a white wine, you don’t want it to be too acidic or closed, while a red should have soft tannins and mellow aromatics. While yes, some wines are made to impress, everyday drinking wine should be made to savour among friends, and importantly – it needs to be enjoyed alone or with food.


That brings us straight to our second point: an everyday drinking wine needs to pair effortlessly with a wide variety of foods. Sushi? Sure! Steak. Why not! Trust us when we say this is easier said than done, but ultimately, while no one wine will be able to go with every single dish, the goal is to offer a flavourful yet subtle enough palate that can fend for itself next to almost any pairing.


Finally,  price matters and impacts all our buying choices. After all, especially during these economically tense times, we might all be after a soothing glass of wine to wind down after a long day – but not a glass that’s going to break the bank. If you ask us, an everyday wine has to have a wallet-friendly price tag that gives you permission to open it on a whim, rather than saving it for a special occasion. Forget about the notion that wine needs to be expensive and from a famous region in order for it to be good. With the huge selection of wine out there, there are some incredible finds at friendly prices you can make. Indeed, South African wines are often lauded as being under-valued, so South Africans are fortunate to have access to some of the best value-for-money bottles on the market.


At Bellingham, we are in the business of making wine to be enjoyed. That’s why we want to craft crowd-pleasing wines that you will find yourself opening at home again and again. Our cellar team believes that every wine has its place in the world. They understand that the demands of our modern lives deserve to be rewarded every day and while one might argue that there is always a reason to celebrate, your evening glass of red should have a reasonable price tag. That’s why our philosophy of approachable winemaking is deep in our core, stemming back to the generous and hospitable natures of Bernard and Fredagh Podlashuk, Bellingham’s founders. Their appreciation for hosting means every wine that Bellingham produces needs to be as delicious as it is affordable. While we are proud to offer some of our more premium variations, accessibility and generosity are at the heart of everything we do.


Bellingham Homestead Red Blend A Wine For Everyone


With this in mind, when Cellarmaster Richard Duckitt and the Bellingham team set about crafting the latest addition to the Bellingham Series, the Bellingham Homestead Red Blend, they wanted to make a wine that can be enjoyed every day. “For me, the Homestead Red Blend is a chameleon – suitable for all occasions. It’s delicious when paired with a lazy Tuesday night dinner, but will go just as well when served alongside family Sunday lunch,” says Duckitt. “It’s unpretentious, yet will surprise you with its full-bodied flavour profile and juiciness.”


The maiden 2017 vintage is made up using cool-climate Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties – two of the world’s most popular red varieties. According to Duckitt, the 2017 vintage was one of the best on the books. “Everything worked in our favour,” he says. “I rate it higher than 2015, possibly even as good as 2009. Certainly, the wines are a lot more accessible earlier than we’ve had for a long time.”

This bodes particularly well for the Homestead Red Blend, as despite its expressive aromatics and full palate, it is already drinking beautifully, ideal to be enjoyed now alongside your upcoming seasonal festivities or to be set aside for future savouring. It’s destined to be the kind of wine you can bring along on any occasion, bearing Bellingham’s hallmark approachability and unwavering quality.

With grapes originating from high-quality sites around the cooler regions of Stellenbosch and Elgin, the distinct characteristics of each varietal impart their flavour onto this special red blend. After sorting in the vineyard, hand-harvesting took place during the early mornings in March 2017. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes were destemmed and a further sorting took place to remove any green that ensured only the most perfect berries entered the fermentation tanks. Fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks and the winemaking was kept as natural as possible to promote the individual, unique and natural terroir expression within the wine. The wine was aged in 100% French oak 300l barrels and 10% new wood. The final result is a wine made for early drinking (or cellaring) and suitable for celebrations big or small.


As Christmas rounds the corner, our Bellingham Homestead Red Blend is the perfect choice to complement a variety of festive dishes on the table. Like the ultimate dinner host, the Homestead Red Blend is hospitable, generous and forthcoming, guaranteed to wow you with its generous fruit aromatics. Now available directly from our cellar door to your front door via our online store.


Bellingham The Homestead Red Blend


On the eyes: Deep, rich ruby-red

On the nose: Red and black fruit expression of rich red cherry, mulberry, blueberry, plum and blackcurrant

On the palate: The wine has good intensity and is structured yet has a rounded palate that is perfectly balanced with ripe tannins and a silky, lingering finish

Delicious with: Big, flavourful dishes such as steak and French-cut fries or even hearty Christmas dishes such as roast pork or honey-glazed gammon


Available for: R99

Buy now: https://shop.bellinghamwines.com/


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