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The Best Is Yet To Come | Bellingham Harvest 2021

At the Bellingham cellar based out in Wellington, harvest is a little later this year. “We were about 20% of the way in at the start of March,” explains Cellar Master Richard Duckitt. “So far the best is the SMV component of Shiraz that is naturally fermenting in one of our concrete tanks. The exciting […]

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Better Late Than Never | Bellingham Harvest 2021

According to Bellingham winemaker Richard Duckitt, Harvest 2021 began on the 22nd of January with a very old Pinotage vineyard planted in the 1970s. These grapes are then used in the crafting of Bellingham’s Quintessential Couple Pinotage Rosé, which honours founders Fredagh and Bernard Podlashuk, affectionately known as Freda and Pod.  As it stands, the […]

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It’s Time To Savour The Season

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a year like no other. Between an unprecedented pandemic, national lockdown, ban on alcohol sales and months spent isolated indoors and working remotely, we don’t blame you if you find yourself triple checking the dates in your diary to confirm that yes, it is in fact, December.   […]

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Feel At Home With Bellingham Wines

This year has been full of unexpected challenges. Behaviour has changed on a global scale as individuals, families and communities have grappled with various disruptions. Now, more than ever, there is value in maintaining the traditions that bring us joy and connect us back to what matters most. In fact, after spending the majority of […]

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South Africa’s Signature Grape

There are few wines more tightly interwoven into the threads of South Africa’s winemaking history than the flavourful and mighty Pinotage. Celebrated for its juicy red fruit aromatics, this somewhat misunderstood cultivar comes together thanks to a rich earthiness on the palate. As South Africa’s signature grape variety, Pinotage is truly starting to come to […]

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Perfect Winter Pairings with Homestead Reds

Bellingham’s red wines provide the perfect winter comfort against the shivering cold, and even more so when paired with sumptuous gourmet cuisine. These wines were made with food in mind, after all, and we have a delicious recipe for grilled lamb chops to pair with either our Homestead Pinotage or Shiraz. Grilled lamb chops with […]

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Chenin The Comeback Kid

As the cold weather arrives, we’re sure your palates are making the seasonal transition from white to red, but there is one wine that seemingly defies all seasons and all styles – Chenin blanc. With South Africa owning two-thirds of the world’s Chenin vines, we’ve no doubt that you’ve come across this grape in some […]

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Leave Mother Nature in Charge | Old Vines in South Africa

As the world faces completely unprecedented times and learns to overcome new challenges, we at Bellingham commit to continually crafting exceptional wines while prioritizing the well-being and safety of our entire team. As we find ourselves spending more and more time indoors and sharing wine with our nearest and dearest, we want to discuss the […]

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The Art of Oak Aging

Oak ageing is an art. In fact, after grapes, oak is the second most vital (and expensive) component of many wines, having a crucial impact on the quality and final outcome of the wine. After all, the barrels a winemaker chooses for the process, has a marked effect on how the wine will taste, lending […]

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Bellingham’s Richard Duckitt makes Mosbolletjies bread

As we’re in the midst of harvest, it’s only natural that it’s time to make mos mosbolletjies – a Afrikaans sweet bun or bread, traditionally made in the wine producing areas of the Western Cape province of South Africa!

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