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Bellingham, The Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc, celebrates esteemed vineyard heritage

The Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc originates from 2 exceptional vineyards aged between 35 and 47 years.

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Bellingham beefs up Pinobiltongfest with amazing trio of wines

Take the train, car or bus. A bike if you must. We don’t care how you get there, just get there if you can (with apologies to Oleta Adams). Because if there is one festival you don’t want to miss this year, it is the Pinobiltongfest on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April.

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Bellingham Harvest Report: The end is in sight!

Any winemaker will tell you that harvest is a marathon and not a sprint. For Bellingham winemaker Richard Duckitt and his dedicated cellar team, the final straight of the race is beckoning

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Richard’s favourite pasta dishes with our Bellingham range

With cooler nights approaching, Bellingham winemaker Richard Duckitt, who is also an avid home cook, has been revisiting many of his favourite pasta dishes for dinner lately.

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Bellingham 2019 Harvest Update

Harvest 2019 is in full swing at Bellingham, and winemaker Richard Duckitt is pleased with the progress so far. Most of the white grape varieties have been received, with the reds now gradually making their way to the cellar.

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Why Bellingham Sauvignon Blanc is a must in your home right now

Bellingham Sauvignon Blanc was one of the wines on everyone’s lips in 2018, and with good reason. This FNB Top 10 Sauvignon Blanc winner is layered with flavour and personality, and a must in your home right now.

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Bellingham harvest preview 2019: Bright acidity and balance to mark wines

Bellingham winemaker Richard Duckitt’s eager anticipation of the 2019 wine crop, the first grapes of which are beginning to trickle into the cellar, is contagious.

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Nature first: Biologically friendly winemaking at Bellingham

Mindful consumerism is at the heart of winemaking at Bellingham, with wine-making practices that are aimed at being as biologically friendly as possible to ensure the long-term sustainability of nature and its creatures – big and small.

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Richard’s favourite West Coast Recipes with Bellingham Wines

It is mid-summer in the Winelands, and for Bellingham winemaker Richard Duckitt, who is also an avid home cook, the searing heat means serving up light, flavourful dishes with his favourite Bellingham white wines.

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Bellingham welcomes 2019 and looks back on a golden year gone by

As a new year full of promise beckons, Bellingham can look back on a past year of glittering critical acclaim. With a multitude of awards won at various competitions in 2018, the cellar team will have extra motivation for the coming harvest season.

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