22 June 2017

Special Report

The 2016 Tim Atkin South Africa Report and Bellingham Results.

Excerpt taken from Tim Atkin’s email sent to Niel Groenewald, the Bellingham Wines winemaker

“Dear Niël We are very excited to tell you about the imminent launch of my 2016 South Africa Special Report, now in its fourth edition, following two visits to the Cape earlier this year. It’s always a pleasure to spend time in the Cape Winelands, even in winter…Thank you very much for sending samples via WOSA for my consideration, showing me your wines at trade fairs and, in many cases, receiving me in person at your wineries and homes. Overall, I am extremely impressed with the quality of the 2015 vintage, especially for red wines, and was delighted to discover some exciting new names alongside more established performers.

The South African wine scene has never been more exciting or more diverse. Both at home and overseas, there is a growing awareness of the winemaking and viticultural revolution that is unfolding in the Cape. Consumers worldwide are becoming increasingly passionate about South African wines. I sincerely hope that the reviews and scores in my forthcoming report, as well as the Medals of Excellence given to producers whose wines have scored more than 90 points, will ensure that more people are aware of the seismic changes in the Cape.

At the end of this email, we have listed your wines that scored more than 90 points in my tastings. Congratulations on your success.Having tasted nearly 1,400 South African wines this year, I am excited to share the news that 101 of them were awarded 95 points or more, (the equivalent of a gold medal) and that two scored 98 points.

The final detailed results will be announced in my 2016 South Africa Special Report, which will be published on 8th September, the day of WOSA’s Intrepid Tasting in London. For more information about your scores, distribution of bottle stickers, and digital artwork of the Medals of Excellence for your newsletters, please contact Higgo Jacobs at higgo@timatkinsareport.co.za Best wishes Tim Atkin MW

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