19 April 2021

The Best Is Yet To Come | Bellingham Harvest 2021

At the Bellingham cellar based out in Wellington, harvest is a little later this year. “We were about 20% of the way in at the start of March,” explains Cellar Master Richard Duckitt. “So far the best is the SMV component of Shiraz that is naturally fermenting in one of our concrete tanks. The exciting lots are still coming. Our Sauvignon Blanc has been looking very good and the fruit expressed during fermentation is really looking amazing, so that is exciting for 2021.”

Harvest time is the most critical time for all winemakers, as you really only get one opportunity for success per year. It demands 7 days a week, round the clock commitment. That’s why Richard and his team have been working steadfastly day and night: “Bellingham Assistant Winemaker Arlene Mains and I are taking turns and alternate every second night between 12-hour shifts to ensure all the grapes are in and the presses have completed their cycles.”

Thankfully, Richard and his team are surrounded by an equally dedicated extended crew. “While I’m in the cellar our Head Viticulturalist is permanently on the road monitoring the progress of the vineyards. We work closely together to determine the exact date of harvest, but the tasting is our most important parameter. When the grapes taste perfect, we try our best to harvest immediately.”



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