21 June 2017

The Subtleties of a Sultry Shiraz

Excerpt taken from www.wine-extra.co.za

Shiraz, or often named Syrah, is one and the same varietal, but the Syrah version is often considered to be
more ‘feminine’, grown in cooler climates. Shiraz brings the spice to life with peppery notes. South African
Shiraz is generally full-bodied and has ripe red fruits that come to the fore. The more elegant versions have
hints of plums and berries and one can even expect violets or liquorice if you’re lucky. Perfect to be enjoyed
with food, especially that juicy steak. Shiraz is hugely versatile and works well in blends, most often with its
Rhône-style counterparts, Mourvédre, Grenache and Viognier. Whilst it is considered that the ‘better’ versions
come from areas with a hotter climate, keep your eye out for the difference in terroir and style from the cooler
climate counterparts.

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Source:  www.wine-extra.co.za

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