21 June 2017


Excerpt taken from https://www.hospitalityhedonist.co.za/

I caught up with Master Chef South Africa, season 1 contestant and food network LA winner in 2015, Guy Clark, who has returned from his travels abroad to create a pop up venture in Franschhoek.

The first of the his “Winter Farm” luncheon’s was held over the past weekend and naturally I was busy with Bastille but in hopes of spreading the exciting news I popped Guy a few questions to get to know more about these bespoke evenings on the beautiful Bellingham estate mere moments before reaching the Franschhoek Village on the R45.

HH: I would love to know the concept behind your “Winter Farm” pop up?

GC: Our concept is based on various aspects all merging into one experience. The beautiful cellar built in 1693. The history and majestic beauty that resonates from its walls is breathtaking. Bellingham homestead’s grounds is abundant with charm and a well manicured garden.

What is brilliant is the fact that guests can book to stay in the manor house and then enjoy a 5 course meal without leaving the farm grounds. The current menu is winter farm inspired. Think spicy baked breads, wild mushrooms, cured trout, hearty soups, high grade meats and rich chocolate. We want the food and wine to reflect a modern farm life. Beautifully presented yet very filling.

HH: Is this a solo mission?

GC: The team is made up from  friends and family. Marcela  (my beautiful wife) is front of house, Samantha is a  good bud, fellow chef and also a MasterChef Finalist , Chris, Kim & Leon are all amazing friends and part of Bellingham homestead.

The experience is very interactive, with an open kitchen and a relaxed energy. One feels like they have transported to a romantic time with food and wine setting the tone.

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Source:  https://www.hospitalityhedonist.co.za/

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